Operation Valentine

February 2, 2012

Febreze Helps those Deployed Breathe Happier

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Did you know that Febreze is a top item requested by military serving overseas?
Here’s the thing. Many of the places where our deployed troops live and work, well, we understand that they don’t always smell so good. That’s why Macaroni Kid is thrilled to partner with Febreze to help our troops breathe happy this Valentine’s Day season.
Together, Febreze and Macaroni Kid will be supporting 15 events across the
nation where military families, friends and supporters will pack up Febreze Set and Refresh, along with other essentials, to send to troops abroad, helping servicemen and their loved ones breathe happy.

Why are we so excited? Because Febreze Set and Refresh is the perfect product for this mission. Its unique, innovative technology slowly releases scented oils without plugs or batteries to provide odor elimination and noticeably long-lasting freshness. It’s small, easy to pack and perfect for freshening small spaces like barracks, latrines, lockers, common areas and more.

Thanks Febreze! Let’s get packin’!

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